• International Student Application Guide
    of Alibaba Business School
    For eWTP Rwandan Students(March, 2022--January, 2026)

    Application Criteria for Rwandan Students

    1. Applicants should be Rwandan citizens with a valid passport and Rwandan National IDs and be in good health, and have good behaviors, willing to observe the laws of the government of China, as well as the rules and regulations of the college. Applicants shall also respect customs of China;

    2. Diploma: Applicants should own the diploma of high school;

    3. Skillfully grasp English, able to communicate and write in English (applicant proficient in Chinese is preferred);

    4. Have a certain understanding of China, with keen interest in digital economy and e-Commerce business;

    5. Age: 18-25;

    6. Gain a minimum score of 64/73 at the Senior Six National Examinations:

    7. Combination of Majors as follows are preferred:

             a)   History - Economics - Geography

             b)   History - Economics - Literature

             c)   Literature - Economics - Geography

             d)   Mathematics - Computer Science - Economics

             e)   Mathematics – Economics - Geography

    Application and Admission Procedures

    1.Submit application documents to    apply.abs@hznu.edu.cn


    Applicants on interview list will be notified via email in advance.

    3.Offer the admission letter

    4.Deadline: December 15, 2021

    Related Expenses(RMB) 

    1. Scholarship:

    --Tuition fee: 25,000 yuan/academic year

    --Living allowance: US$450/month

    The length of schooling for undergraduate students is 4 years. Each academic year is divided into spring semester and autumn semester. Autumn semester is from early September to mid-January, there are four weeks for winter vacation through January to February, including Chinese Spring Festival. Spring semester starts from mid-February to late June. July and August are summer vacation.

    2. Accommodation expense:10,000 yuan/academic year (single room)

    The school provides living apartments for international students, equipped with public laundry and kitchens.

    3. Insurance expense (800 yuan/academic year)

    According to the provisions of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, during the study in the region of China, international students must hold a comprehensive insurance (including accident medical insurance, hospitalization insurance, disability insurance, accidental death insurance, etc.).

    4. Enrollment fee: 400 yuan (Only admitted students need to pay for it)

    Alibaba Business School reserves the right to make all final decisions.

    Application Documents

    Please submit the following application documents to


    1.International Student Application Form

    (Please click the link to download, fill by computer, no handwriting)

    2.Digital copy of the passport or National ID

    3.Digital copy of high school diploma (or equivalent certificate)

    4.Digital copy of high school transcript

    5.Recommendation letter from teachers or mentors

    6.A short self-introduction video (in English, with a file size less than 50MB)

    Deadline: December 15, 2021

    Attention: If any documents mentioned above

    are missing, your application will be invalid.

    Alibaba Business School reserves the right to

    make all final decisions.